Looking for 1 ski shock for a 1973 SR 292/433/643. They are about 10" long eye to eye, see picture. Can need chrome. Also looking for an exhaust pipe bracket for a 73 292 and an original rubber/steel steering bushing that goes in the chassis. Also looking for: mag side 72 SR 643 R cylinder, can need chrome any 71-73 SR aluminum skis SR 643 mag housing 1972 SR 433 seat or pieces to a seat, foam ...
Looking for v tech switch & go dinocars cars, kind of like transformers but dinosaurs. My sons are asking for these. Thanks in advance.
Seeking cordless rechargeable lawn mower in working condition.
Gearing up for our Fall Library Book Sale. Great place to donate those books you've been meaning to find a new home for and benefit a wonderful community resource. If you have several boxes, we will come and pick up (how easy can it get!). Thank you to any and all who can contribute.
Looking for a folding table, lunch table, etc. Anything that can fit in a car.
Single Brooklyn mom looking for laptop. For household use.
Need a cord for an old Sony PC Laptop.
Hello I'm looking for a heater to stay warm during the winter & heavy curtains to put on my window it has a crack and it's kinda cold in here for me and my 2yr old
for a 400 sq foot room or larger
I only have 5 working computer tablets for Special Needs students in the Bronx and when I go into the class, there aren't enough for all the students. Please help. They can be used Tablets, as long as they work. Thank you.
I am looking for an older record player that can be hooked up to a stereo system so that i can play my records
Looking new pr used laptop for my writing
We re gifted a rabbit. In need of a cage, bedding & hay.
Anyone have queen size flannel sheets or flannel blankets or flannel duvet cover
Perhaps you have one that you just won't use again? If not a Technics, then at least something for the time being, as what I had gave up the ghost. :( Hopefully one with the cartridge and stylus still present? Unless you also have those separately? Thanks in advance!
Hello I'm seeking good condition Fall/Winter maternity clothing size Large and up. Coat, pants anything will be helpful.
Looking for a tall oscillating tower fan for my room.
Dear Freecycle community, I am looking for a cell phone to replace my iphone 5 which is not longer functional. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much! Ome
I need some storm windows, in frames, for solar heater project. Thanks.
Size S-M (I'm 5'9 & 150 lb). Thanks!
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